Finding Inspiration In Passwords

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One of the necessities of life these days, is passwords. We all use them everyday, but often don’t think much about the content of our passwords. What if we could take this common necessity and turn it up a notch metaphysically?

Why not add a phrase about what you would like to achieve this year in your password. Examples could be “skinnyme2013″ or “hugepaydaytodayalldaythrough2013″ or “mybusinessexplodedin2013″ or “mywifeandIlovegrewin2013″ are just a few examples of ways to get more out of your password.

If you are familiar with mantras, or prayers depending on the religion or spirituality, then these phrase really do have power when used over and over again as when in a password.

Give it a try!

You never know what could possibly happen from trying out this neat little trick, you re...

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SQL String Function Library

In SQL, there are functions that can be used to manipulate strings. A neat example is the LEN function, which can be used to get the numbers of characters in a string. It should be noted that it only counts numbers at the beginning of a string, not at the end, so this could cause some calculations to be different than what expected.

Below is a list of commonly used SQL string functions:

LEN (string) – Returns the number of characters in the string. Leading spaces are included, but trailing spaces are not.
LTRIM (string) – Returns the string with any leading spaces removed.
RTRIM (string) – Returns the string with any trailing spaces removed.
LEFT (string, length) – Returns the specified numbers of characters from the end of the string.
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Billings Shutterbug Meeting SEO Talk

I spoke at the Billings Shutterbug Association January Meeting about search engine optimization for photographers.

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How To – Teach Your Child Important Words With Passwords

Set password A great way to get your child to remember how to spell important names like their own, or their parents, set the password on the home computer to the name and set the hint as the same. This allows them to practice typing it exactly as the hint suggests.

After they get it easily with the hint, see if they can still remember how to do it when you change the hint to mommy. Other ideas are street address and phone number.

Add your ideas in the comments below:

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How To – Schedule Printer to only Print at Certain Times of the Day

Sometimes you may want to set up a printer to only print at certain times of the day. Maybe you want to have your printer available to use during the day 9AM to 5PM, but not available after so no faxes will interrupt your evening.

Set Printer to Only Print at Certain TimesThis is what you will need to do to set up time restrictions on your printer. What we will be doing is associating multiple printers with a single print device, much as we would set different printer priorities. After we create two printers, both pointing to the same print device, we will configure printer scheduling.

This is how it is done:

  1. Click Start, and then click Control Panel. The Control Panel window appears.
  2. Under Hardware and Sound, click View Devices and Printers. The Devices and Printers window appears.
  3. Right click one of the printer icons in the...
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Update Services for WordPress

WordPress Update Service Ping ListIf you use WordPress, it’s likely that you want people to come visit your site. All the hard work you put in is for nothing if no one shows right? Well, it’s time to start thinking about SEO. That’s Search Engine Optimization. Think of it like sending out thousands of invitations to your party this weekend. How many will show up?

Here at Coded by Jophiel, I will be covering several SEO techniques that I use for sites like Green Directory Montana and Kira Fercho Art. Today, we will be discussing the update services for WordPress. Update Services is a feature that comes with WordPress that allows you to let the world know you’ve published content recently.

The benefits as mentioned before, are more traffic to your site...

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